This is my link blog. There are a few things different about this blog setup then you might be used to, so, here is my brief intro on “how to use my blog”:

First of all, most of my posts are about something I found elsewhere. For this reason the main title on my posts is a link out to that item. This also applies to my rss feed and email lists, the item link will take you out to original source. If you wanted a permanent reference to my post, there is a permalink at the bottom of every post.

Second, I detest link rot, this being a link blog this is a big issue. All items I link to are automatically archived at the site Archive.is. This is a sort of wayback machine, but does a much better job of preserving the look of the original site. I also manually archive the media (videos, soundclouds, etc.), so if the original source has gone down, drop me a line and I can provide the media as well.

On that note, many sites I link to have a paywall. In most cases the archive.is link will get you past that, so look at the footer of my posts for a handy link to the archive.is page.

So, if you like the things I post, you might want to follow this blog. If you are cool and oldschool, you would want the RSS feed, or if you have no idea what that means, you can also get posts delivered to you by email. My volume of posting is quite low, I only post about the most interesting things I find. You can expect on average about 3-8 posts per week. If that volume is too high for you, there is also the option to subscribe to only the things I consider “best of”, which would be on average 2-5 things a month. You can get that feed here, or also via email. Also be warned that I do go back to past posts and add the best of tag after the fact, once I have time to let it settle in. This may throw off your feed reader, as posts could be added to the feed in between existing posts.

If you are new to the blog, I highly recommend starting by browsing the things I have tagged best of.

If you are curious about the technical underpinnings of the blog, it is a static site, built using hugo.